Lovely girl

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I meet
a guy name
Shoing Fei which
is in my next year class
he is handsome,cute,clever and
I think he is my Mr.Right Ha Ha jus
a joke I am not interested in him but I
ADMIRED him one of my friend which is a
they r GF ANd BF
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Last Day of School

Yesterday is the last day of school we had alot of fun on the last day of school while all my friend spend the precious time in school and I spend time with my two best friend Qi fen and Shirley we have laugh and joke and Shirley tell us alot of joke and we laugh untillour stomach pain^_^.At 11.00 a.m our class have spring cleaning but our teacher said no need to clean the class room and we play and play till the end of the lesson and it is time to go home.We gave each other a warm hug and I will miss them alot.^_^

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yummy macaronie

Today,my Grandma cook mushroom macaronie today it is and I love.I seldom eat macaronie so I eat a big bowl of macaronie yummy I hope I will eat it everyday.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Yipee.exam over I can relax and enjoy with my friend.I have study for a month without thouching the computer the feeling is miserable.Well,my parents is going to reward me because I pass my exam with flying colour.This make me very happy last year I got a bracelet from my parent which I want it for a long time ago I cost $26 and I have not enough money to buy.Thank mum and dad.